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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Language Skills

The  language  skills  of  listening,  reading  and writing  form  the  core  of  the primary English curriculum. Learners use  these skills  to  talk  to and write  to people,  to obtain  information  from various sources, and  to enjoy a poem or story read or heard.  

The skill of Listening is taught to enable learners to listen carefully to what is spoken so that they are able to obtain as much and as accurately as possible the  information or  ideas heard. Oral skills are  taught  to enable  learners  to express  their  ideas  confidently  and  clearly.  For  this  purpose,  learners  are taught  to  pronounce  words  correctly  and  to  speak  with  correct  stress, intonation  and  sentence  rhythm.  The  skill  of Reading  is  taught  to  enable learners not only to read independently a variety of   texts  but  also  to  read with  understanding  so  that  they  are  able  to  extract information  efficiently.  The  skill  of Writing  is  taught  to  enable  learners  to express their ideas clearly on paper in legible handwriting or to communicate via the electronic media if facilities are available in school.

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